Knights News · Injury Protocol

  1. Athletic trainer assesses injury on the field and determines severity of the injury. Trainer may take athlete to training room for further treatment. 911 services will be contacted with severe injuries.
  2. Trainer discusses injury with parent when picking up athlete to determine the proper steps to take.
      • Parent take to Doctor immediately
      • Parent choice to see our team Doctors when on campus
      • Onsite treatment is all that is needed
  3. Athlete checks in with athletic trainer for treatment and therapy on a daily basis until cleared to play by trainer.
  4. If the athlete is under the care of a Doctor, they must present a clearance from that Doctor before they may return to participation.

Head Injuries

  1. If an athlete sustains a possible concussion they are removed from practice and looked at by the trainer.
  2. Trainer discusses injury with athlete’s parent and explains the treatment procedures.
  3. Per CIF rules, the athlete is out of any practice or competition for a minimum of 7 days.
  4. Our team specialist uses the IMPACT baseline test to determine severity of injury and length of recovery
  5. The athlete may return to competition ONLY when the team specialist clears them when fully recovered.

Coaches and Parents: Changing the Culture of Concussion Starts With You!

By taking this free, online course and using what you learn, you will be well positioned to improve the culture of concussion. Your actions can help create a safe environment for young athletes so that they can stay healthy, active, and thrive – both on and off the playing field.